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Computer systems and software. Stemo Ltd. has a leading position in the sphere of information technologies in Bulgaria. We know that achieving and extending this success depends strongly on our attitude towards YOU – our customers and partners. This is the reason why goodwill and professionalism are the essence of our work. The customers whom we work with every day and have long-lasting relationships are our greatest rewards. This makes us believe that. Sofia - sales office Nikola Vapcarov Blvd. EXPO 2000 tel. (+359 2) 8162300, fax 8162303 e-mail: main@sf.stemo.bg www.stemo.bg Sofia - shop 1 17 Cherni Vrah Blvd. tel. (+359 2) 9633661, fax 9634068 e-mail: shop1@sf.stemo.bg Sofia - shop 2 29 Cherkovna Str. tel. (+359 2) 9461321, fax 9461079 e-mail: shop2@sf.stemo.bg