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The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria
This part of the city was in ruins after the air-raids. It took several years of voluntary work by Sofianites to clear the ruins and prepare the terrain for new construction. Then the state leaders decided “The centre of Sofia must be laid out as an architectural ensemble, reflecting the upsurge of our building and culture, expressing the grandeur of the epoch”. The epoch was the Cold War era. The building of the Council of Ministers is part of the Largo architectural complex, constructed in the 1950s. In 2004, this state institution celebrated its 125th anniversary. On July 5, 1879, by Decree No 1 of Prince Alexander attenberg the fi rst Bulgarian overnment was ppointed – the cabinet f Todor Burmov. In the ast 125 years, the country as been governed by
89 governments with 21 ministers.