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Inscription in Saint Petka Samardjiiska Church

The first of us lied down in this earth seven thousand years ago. We were Serds, Hellenes, Romans, Slavs, Byzantines, Bulgarians. Every one of us has left something in this city, searching for the truth about ourselves and the world. The pieces of stone, which you, our descendants dig out of the earth, remember our footsteps and fates, voices and swords. Many of the inscriptions on them were written by us in praise of this most glorious city, which no one can destroy. The city above our bones grows ever more beautiful and powerful in the shade of Vitosha, the mother of us all. It was conceived from her eternal flesh to become  a spiritual link between the East and the West. From her flesh and our mortal dust that lies at your feet and blesses you. Let our dead gods and our living deeds protect and multiply the happy days of Serdica – Sofia. Let every living man of the coming generations know that we, come and go but the city stays. Not we, the mortal brothers and sisters, but the city was born once and forever, immortal as the Sun and stars above, therefore salute to you and bow to it, the Eternal!